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White sublimation aluminium sheet

Source:Original Time:2021-07-31 10:17
White sublimation aluminium sheet is a product made of alloy aluminum plate as the substrate, after surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning and chemical conversion), coating by continuous method (roll coating method), baking and cooling. White   sublimation   aluminium   Sheet has light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance, and can be processed directly.
White sublimation aluminium sheet
White sublimation aluminium sheet
It provides a new type of raw material for the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing industry, furniture industry and electrical industry, and has achieved good results in replacing steel and wood with aluminum, construction, energy conservation and pollution prevention.
White sublimation aluminium sheet can also be used for decoration, with the following advantages:
1. High flatness: no composite high-temperature indentation on the surface, no residual stress on the plate surface, and no deformation after cutting.
2. Good decoration: light, beautiful and good corrosion resistance.
3. Light and durable: it has little harm to the environment, can be recycled, has light self weight, and can reduce the load-bearing materials. 

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