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7050 Aluminum Plate Sheet
    Alloy 7050 aluminum plate sheet is a zinc-magnesium-copper type aluminium alloy for US navy and Air force to provide a high-strength materials resistant to stress-corrosion, primarily for thick-section applications. In addition to its high stress-corrosion resistance, it can be heat-treated and mechanically worked to give a higher toughness at a given strength level than most other 7*** series aluminium alloys.

    Alloy 7050 aluminum plate sheet is unusual in two respects: it contains zirconium(in place of chromium) to control recrystallization and grain size, and it has a Cu/Mg ratio greater than 0.8. The absence of chromium contributes to the low quench-sensitivity of 7050, and the relatively high copper content results in additional strengthening during second-step aging.
    Alloy 7050 aluminum plate sheet is the principal choice for aerospace applications, especially in the 3-6 inch thickness range. It exhibits better toughness/corrosion resistance characteristics than the older, more established alloy 7075. Since it is less quench sensitive than most other aerospace alloys, this alloy maintains its strength properties in thicker sections while retaining good stress corrosion cracking resistance and fracture toughness levels. AMS 4050 is commonly associated with 7050, though various manufacturers require their own specifications.

Alloy: 7050
Temper: O, T6, T651, T62, T652, T76, T74,T7451, T73, T7351
Stretching capacity: 300000m2, supposed width is 2000mm, then the maximum thickness is 150mm.
Thickness: 1.0mm--300mm
With: 500mm--3000mm
Length: 1000mm--12000mm
Surface: Mill finish, Bright finish, paper interleaved, one side film, both sides film.

Chemical Properties
Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ti Ga V Others Aluminium
Each Total
7050 0.12 0.15 2.0-2.6 0.1 1.9-2.6 0.04 - 5.7-6.7 0.06 - - 0.05 0.15 Remainder