aluminum foil strip
2024 Aluminum Plate Sheet
    Alloy 2024 aluminum plate sheet is used in fuselage structurals, wing tension members, shear webs and ribs and structural areas where stiffness, fatigue performance and good strength are required. Sheet products usually alclad, are used extensively in commercial and military aircraft for fuselage skins, wing skins and engine areas where elevated temperature to 121 ℃ are often encountered.

    Alloy 2024 aluminum plate and sheet in the T3 and T4 type tempers are noted for their excellent toughness at moderately high strength levels.
    All alloys of the 2*** series are susceptible to atmospheric corrosion, especially in industrial or seacoast atmospheres. These alloys should be protected, at least on faying surfaces, when exposed to these conditions. Alcaldding these alloys provides high resistance to atmospheric corrosion. The clad surface is resistant to corrosive attack and also provides additional cathodic protection to the core alloy.

    Alloy 2014 in the T351 and T851 tempers has not experienced any in-service problems with exfoliation. In laboratory tests for exfoliation, alloy 2024 T851 materials was essentially immune in any test plane.
    In the T851 temper, alloy 2024 has very good resistance to SCC. Control of quenching and artificial aging of 2*** high strength alloys that have been heat treated has been effective in developing a high resistance to stress-corrosion cracking. In over 20 years of service experience there have been no reported incidents of SCC failures in 2024 T351 or 2024 T851 materials.

Alloy: 2024
Temper: O, T4, T3,T351,T42, T8,T851,T62
Stretching capacity: 300000m2, supposed width is 2000mm, then the maximum thickness is 150mm.
Thickness: 1.0mm--300mm
With: 500mm--3000mm
Length: 1000mm--12000mm
Surface: Mill finish, Bright finish, paper interleaved, one side film, both sides film.

Chemical Properties
Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ti Ga V Others Aluminium
Each Total
2024 0.5 0.5 3.8-4.9 0.3-0.9 1.2-1.8 0.10 - 0.25 0.15 - - 0.05 0.15 Remainder