aluminum foil strip


  • 6016 Aluminum Sheet for Car

    6016 Aluminum Sheet for Car

    With the continued development of Chinas economy, the automotive industrys requirements for environmental protection and light weight are becoming higher. The car has become something that all families cannot do. The auto industry is showing...

  • Aluminium spreader plate underfloor heating

    Aluminium spreader plate underfloor heating

    The aluminium spreader plate underfloor heating can improve the human blood circulation and microcirculation system, improve the human bodys ability, and increase the cerebral vascular function and other good physical and therapeutic effects...

  • aluminium sheet plate grade 1050

    aluminium sheet plate grade 1050

    It belongs to a product in the pure aluminum sheet series, and its chemical composition and mechanical properties are similar to those of the 1060 series. It is basically replaced by 1060 aluminum sheet and strip in application. The last two...

  • 5083 aluminum plate supplier

    5083 aluminum plate supplier

    In freight transportation vehicles, more than 85% of the mechanisms and components can be made of aluminum alloy, and the performance requirements fully meet the corresponding standards. In most industrially developed countries, the aluminiz...

  • 5052-H32 Aluminum Plate

    5052-H32 Aluminum Plate

    Early luggage was made of wood or other heavy materials. With the popularization of air travel, luggage materials tend to be more lightweight materials. Aluminum has become a popular because of its low density and light weight. The material...